'Inspiring Confident Learners, Reflecting Christian Values'

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The Curriculum:

Foundation Curriculum:

Nursery and Reception are situated in the Foundation Unit and work closely together following The Statutory Framework for the early years foundation stage September 2014.

The EYFS Curriculum is carefully planned to promote purposeful learning both indoors and outdoors to develop concentration, imagination, co-operation and physical skills. Reading, writing and number skills are introduced through structured play.

The broad curriculum takes into account the needs and ability of each child. It provides the opportunity for children to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding of the world around them.

Parents are encouraged to take an active role in their children's learning, contributing to portfolios, sharing books and sharing experiences from home.

In FS1 (Nursery) learning follows the children's interests but includes:-

AUTUMN TERM 2016 Getting to know you

Building Relationships, Keeping Safe, Finding Out Together, A World of Colour, Celebrating Christmas at School

SPRING TERM 2017 Once upon a time

Seasons and Weather, Discovery Days and Investigation, Chinese New Year, Poetry and Rhyme Time, Ever Changing Stories, Easter  

SUMMER TERM 2017 Growing up

Growing Plants and Produce, Enterprise, Super Scientists, Beautiful Butterflies, Hatching Chicks, Baby Animals, Transitions

In FS2 (Reception) learning continues to follow the children's interests but focusses on new environments and themes

Reception Long term Plan 2016-17

Key Stage 1:

Key Stage 1 children follow the National Curriculum in England September 2013.

Our school curriculum is broadly based and balanced promoting spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of all our pupils. It prepares children for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life. We achieve this through a practical and creative approach in which life skills are learnt as children apply their increasing knowledge to every area of their education. We aim to develop each child's full potential in all aspects of the curriculum through exciting, challenging Enterprise and Real Life Experience. We promote confidence and team spirit through a cross-curricular approach which inspires independence and aspiration.  

Equal opportunities are provided for all pupils regardless of sex, religion, academic, physical or cultural background.


We teach reading through regular guided reading sessions and individual reading. Parents are encouraged to support their children in reading at home. We hold a weekly very well attended reading club for parents and children as a part of family learning.   

We provide children with a  wide range of reading books to develop reading, phonics and conprehension skills throughout school. Oxford Reading tree, Floppy Phonics, Phonics Songbird, Collins Big Cat, Collins Traditional Tales, Pearson First Phonics are all used.

Phonics teaching follows the Letters and Sounds National Strategy for all children.

We provide specific programmes to accelerate progress for children who need aditional support. These include ECAT, Talk Boost, Phonics Count, Read Write Inc Phonics (RWI), Read Write Inc Get Writing and Reading Intervention.  

We teach towards a joined cursive handwriting style. This starts in Foundation with the formation of letters and progresses in year one to joining digraphs and trigraphs. In year two children are encouraged to join all letters to develop the speed and fluency of their handwriting. Children requiring additional support with writing dexterity access the Theoderescue intervention. 


We teach maths in a creative, cross curricular approach providing practical real life opportunities for enterprise, problem solving and developing mathematical reasoning. Pupils gain confidence in using mathematical vocabulary and applying mental fluency in all concepts. Mathematical concepts include number, measurement, geometry and statistics.

We provide specific programmes to accelerate progress for children who need additional support. These include Numbers Count, 1st Class at Number and Numicon Support.

Collective Worship:

The school is a Church of England school and holds a daily act of Collective Worship.

This often includes teaching about Jesus Christ and uses Biblical material to make links with the children's own beliefs. Most Christian festivals are celebrated or acknowledged and there is some contribution from the Clergy and members of other Christian traditions. 


Religious education in school follows the agreed syllabus and is non-denominational. Children are made aware of other cultures and religions, as well as Christianity, and encouraged to develop caring, sharing attitudes towards others.

Parents have the right to withdraw children from R.E or collective worship, but Governors and staff encourage everyone regardless of faith, culture or tradition to take part.

Sex Education

No formal sex education is given, but as questions arise they are dealt with truthfully in such a manner as to have due regard for moral consideration and the value of family life.

KeyStage 1 Curriculum Long term Plan 2015-2016

KeyStage1 Curriculum Long Term Plan 2016-2017





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